Zoomobile Programs for Community Groups

Zoomobile Programs for Community Groups

Enjoy a live "animal interview" as part of your Zoomobile!

Contact Andrea Stein at astein@rwpzoo.org or 401-785-3510, x359.

Our Zoomobile programs reach thousands of children, community groups and families all around New England every year. Through interactive educational presentations and live "animals interviews," the Zoomobile carries a message of compassion for all living things and a greater understanding of our wonder-filled living planet. All of our Zoomobile programs can be presented at the Zoo, or at your location.


Zoomobile Program Topics

Who is Living in Your Backyard?
Animals are a very important part of a habitat... even our own.  What kinds of animals live in your habitat? We'll help you interpret different clues from local wildlife and learn how to observe the animals around you.

Rainforest Adaptations
Every habitat offers challenges to wildlife that must be overcome, and the rainforest is no different. We'll explore the layers of the rainforest and identify the animals that live in each layer. Different adaptations that help these unique creatures survive in this habitat will also be discussed.

V is for Vertebrate
What makes a mammal a mammal and a bird a bird? Learn how scientists classify animals and how to distinguish different classes of vertebrates.

Wild Habitats
From freezing tundra to arid deserts, animals have managed to make their homes everywhere. Explore various habitats and the animals that call them home. Scouts will demonstrate examples of the adaptations living things use to survive in their habitats.

Creatures of the Night
Just as we are going to sleep at night, a whole new world of animals is waking up. Find out how animals like owls, bats, and raccoons find their way around in the world after dark.

What’s for Lunch?
Ever wonder what a snake’s favorite food is? Learn what keeps an animal’s stomach from rumbling to other fun facts about various animals’ favorite foods.


Details, Pricing & Booking 

For Retirement Communities
Our Zoomobile programs for retirement communities include a one hour presentation, led by a docent, with 3-4 animals and biofacts. Pricing is $75 per program (mileage fee may apply).

For Festivals
Have the Zoomobile at your next festival to get the crowd "wildly" engaged. There are two options available for hosting the Zoomobile at your festival; each is $175 for the 1st hour, $125 for each additional hour (mileage fee may apply).

Option 1
We will educate to a seated audience (30/max) during timed presentations.

Option 2
We can set up an Animal / Biofact table, but this cannot be near any high traffic area, including the food stations or musical performances.

For Other Community Groups
(Community centers, churches, youth groups, recreation departments, etc.)
Community Group Zoomobiles can be booked at your location, or can be hosted for your group at the Zoo. Each program includes a 45-minute presentation to a seated audience (30 max.) followed by 15 minutes of questions and an up-close look at the animals used in the program.

At your location:
$175 for a single program; $125 for each additional program on the same day (mileage fee may apply)

At the Zoo:
$11 / child (12 and under); $16/ adult (ages 13 +)


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