Conservation at Roger Williams Park Zoo

Conservation at Roger Williams Park Zoo

Conservation and environmental stewardship are at the core of our mission here at Roger Williams Park Zoo.  The Zoo has been the recipient of numerous awards for conservation work done both locally and around the globe, and we maintain a reputation as a leader in conservation efforts undertaken by a zoo of our size.

The Zoo undertakes award-winning conservation projects for species around the globe.

What We're Doing

Much of our conservation work is invisible to Zoo visitors but the impact is literally worldwide. We dedicate our staff to care for and breed species that, without human intervention, would face certain extinction. We do this work in partnership with 200 other zoos active in new SAFE program administered by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. In addition, numerous hands-on conservation projects have recently taken our staff, partners and volunteers to sites in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Wyoming, Canada, and Panama. Our commitment to contributing significantly to conservation science will continue.
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What You Can Do

We seek to engage our visitors in such a way that they become aware of the connection between human actions and the state of the environment on which healthy, diverse wildlife populations depend. We provide ways for citizens to directly engage in having a positive impact on these concerns.
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Conservation Grants

Since 1989 we have provided financial support through the Sophie Danforth Conservation Biology Fund to conservation biologists working around the world to protect wildlife.
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United States Fish and Wildlife Service Conservation Award for our contributions to the Recovery of the New England Cottontail rabbit