Conservation: What You Can Do

Conservation: What You Can Do

Sometimes "living green" and doing your part to save the environment can seem like vague and overwhelming goals.  But each and every one of us can make a big impact on our environment by getting involved and by making small changes in our daily lives.

Students assist Roger Williams Park Zoo staff with a conservation project.

Participate in FrogWatch USA

As a participant in the national FrogWatch USA program, you can help to protect our native amphibian species!  We'll train you to be a "citizen scientist" in order to monitor frogs in your area in spring and summer for just minutes each week.  

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Recycle at an Eco-Depot Event

Rhode Island Resource Recovery is holding Eco-Depot events throughout 2015 for people to recycle their household hazardous waste, including paint, batteries, devices that contain mercury, fertilizer, pool chemicals, and automotive fluids.

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Being Green at the Zoo

In addition to fostering awareness of the importance of conservation and environment-friendly behaviors, we strive to use best practices in our everyday operations at the Zoo.

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