El Valle Amphibian Conservation Center

El Valle Amphibian Conservation Center

red-eyed tree frog
Red eyed tree frog

Did You Know...

It is estimated that at least one-third of the world's known amphibian species are threatened with extinction.

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RWP Zoo Responds to the Global Amphibian Crisis


Never in documented history has an entire class of species faced such rapid extinction as in the global amphibian crisis occurring today. In fact, the World Conservation Union (IUCN) estimates that at least one-third of known amphibian species are threatened with extinction.

While habitat loss, climate change and pollution all contribute to the threat, researchers have found that a fungal disease known as  Chytridiomycosis (chytrid) is proving exceptionally deadly and is believed to be the major cause of amphibian species’ decline.  Experts agree that the only way to prevent the most threatened of these species from becoming extinct is to breed them in captivity, until the chytrid epidemic either runs its course, or methods can be found to eradicate it.