Preschool Adventures

Preschool Adventures

Preschool Adventures programs include fun craft activities.

(ages 3-5)

These 90-minute programs focus on a special animal or area of the Zoo and present opportunities for adult/child pairs to make discoveries together.  Programs include a lesson, activities, a craft, and an up close program animal encounter.

Members: $14 per child

Non-members: $42 per child (includes Zoo admission)

*Children must be accompanied by an adult.  No younger or older siblings.*

Due to increasing costs associated with registration processing, there will be a $5 service fee for all requests to change the day or time of your class after your original registration.  The fee will be charged for each child registered.  We thank you for your understanding.

Dates & Themes:

December 2013
Sensational Snow Leopards

Cool cats!!  It is not easy living in the mountains but the snow leopard does just fine.  Stop by to learn about these leaping leopards.

Dates: Class Time(s):  
Saturday, 12/07 9:30am (PD07A) 12pm (PD07B)
Tuesday, 12/10 9:30am (PD10A) 1pm (PD10B)
Wednesday, 12/11 9:30am (PD11A) 1pm (PD11B)
Thursday, 12/12 9:30am (PD12A) 1pm (PD12B)
Friday, 12/13 9:30am (PD13A) 1pm (PD13B)
Saturday, 12/14 9:30am (PD14A) closed 12pm (PD14B) closed
Saturday, 12/21 9:30am (PD21A) 12pm (PD21B) closed

January 2014
It's Going to be a Wild Winter!

What do animals do during winter?  Learn about adaptations such as coat changes, hibernation, and migration that help animals withstand the winter weather.  Brrr... 

Dates: Class Time(s):  
Saturday, 1/04 9:30am (PJ04A) 12pm (PJ04B)
Tuesday, 1/07 9:30am (PJ07A) 1pm (PJ07B)
Wednesday, 1/08 9:30am (PJ08A) 1pm (PJ08B)
Thursday, 1/09 9:30am (PJ09A) 1pm (PJ09B)
Friday, 1/10 9:30am (PJ10A) 1pm (PJ10B)
Saturday, 1/11 9:30am (PJ11A) 12pm (PJ11B)
Saturday, 1/25 9:30am (PJ25A) 12pm (PJ25B)

February 2014
The Remarkable Rainforest

The rainforest comprises only 6% of the land in our world, but is home to over 50% of the world's species!  Discover the plants and animals that make the rainforest so remarkable. 

Dates: Class Time(s):  
Saturday, 2/01 9:30am (PF01A) 12pm (PF01B)
Tuesday, 2/04 9:30am (PF04A) 1pm (PF04B)
Wednesday, 2/05 9:30am (PF05A) 1pm (PF05B)
Thursday, 2/06 9:30am (PF06A) 1pm (PF06B)
Friday, 2/07 9:30am (PF07A) 1pm (PF07B)
Saturday, 2/08 9:30am (PF08A) 12pm (PF08B)
Saturday, 2/15 9:30am (PF15A) 12pm (PF15B)


March 2014
Turtles & Tortoises

Turtles, tortoises and terrapins oh my! Come learn about the similarities and differences between these related reptiles.

Dates: Class Time(s):  
Saturday, 3/01 9:30am (PM01A) 12:00pm (PM01B)
Tuesday, 3/04 9:30am (PM04A) 1:00pm (PM04B)
Wednesday, 3/05 9:30am (PM05A) 1:00pm (PM05B)
Thursday. 3/06 9:30am (PM06A) 1:00pm (PM06B)
Friday, 3/07 9:30am (PM07A) 1:00pm (PM07B)
Saturday, 3/08 9:30am (PM08A) 12:00pm (PM08B)
Saturday, 3/15 9:30am (PM15A) 12:00pm (PM15B)

April 2014

With their big feet they can jump 30 feet and they have a pouch where their baby eats and snoozes. So hop to it and join us for some marsupial madness as we learn all about kangaroos!

Dates: Class Time(s):  
Saturday, 4/05 9:30am (PA05A) 12:00pm (PA05B)
Tuesday, 4/08 9:30am (PA08A) 1:00pm (PA08B)
Wednesday, 4/09 9:30am (PA09A) 1:00pm (PA09B)
Thursday. 4/10 9:30am (PA10A) 1:00pm (PA10B)
Friday, 4/11 9:30am (PA11A) 1:00pm (PA11B)
Saturday, 4/12 9:30am (PA12A) 12:00pm (PA12B)
Saturday, 4/19 9:30am (PA19A) 12:00pm (PA19B)

May 2014

Roger Williams had a farm ... E-I-E-I-O! On this farm he had lots of friends ... E-I-E-I-O! With a hee haw here and an oink oink there! Here a baa, there a moo, everywhere a cocka-doodle-dooooo!!!! Come by and meet our fabulous farmyard friends!

Dates: Class Time(s):  
Saturday, 5/03 9:30am (PY03A) 12:00pm (PY03B)
Tuesday, 5/06 9:30am (PY06A) 1:00pm (PY06B)
Wednesday, 5/07 9:30am (PY07A) 1:00pm (PY07B)
Thursday. 5/08 9:30am (PY08A) 1:00pm (PY08B)
Friday, 5/09 9:30am (PY09A) 1:00pm (PY09B)
Saturday, 5/10 9:30am (PY10A) 12:00pm (PY10B)
Saturday, 5/31 9:30am (PY31A) 12:00pm. (PY31B)

We strongly recommend you register online, as this provides the best chance at securing a session you desire. But if you prefer, you may also print out our mail-in registration form and mail them to the Zoo using the instructions provided on the form