Preschool Adventures

Preschool Adventures

Preschool Adventures programs include fun craft activities.


Contact or
401-785-3510 x 358.

(ages 3 - 5)

These 90-minute programs focus on a special animal or area of the Zoo and present opportunities for adult/child pairs to make discoveries together.  Programs include a lesson, activities, a craft, and an up close program animal encounter.

Members: $14 per child
Non-members: $42 per child (includes Zoo admission)
Online registration is required to participate.

*Children must be accompanied by an adult.  No younger or older siblings.*

Due to increasing costs associated with registration processing, there will be a $5 service fee for all requests to change the day or time of your class after your original registration.  The fee will be charged for each child registered.  We thank you for your understanding.

Dates & Themes:

November 2015 - Porcupine

What's that up in the tree? Is it a spiky plant? Is it a large pin cushion? Is it a porcupine hunched over in a ball resting on a branch? Yes, it is a porcupine! The porcupine is fun, interesting, and one of the more bizzare looking animals we study in preschool.

Dates: Class Time(s):  
Saturday, 11/07 9:30am 12pm
Tuesday, 11/10 9:30am 1pm
Wednesday, 11/11 9:30am 1pm
Thursday, 11/12 9:30am 1pm
Friday, 11/13 9:30am 1pm
Saturday, 11/14 9:30am 12pm
Saturday, 11/21 9:30am 12pm

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December 2015 - Camels

One hump, two hump, red hump, blue hump? What is that hump for on a camel's back? Did you know they can close their nostrils to keep sand out, or that they have a fifth foot? Join us and learn how to a camel.

Dates: Class Time(s):  
Saturday, 12/05 9:30am 12pm
Tuesday, 12/08 9:30am 1pm
Wednesday, 12/09 9:30am 1pm
Thursday, 12/10 9:30am 1pm
Friday, 12/11 9:30am 1pm
Saturday, 12/12 9:30am 12pm
Saturday, 12/19 9:30am 12pm

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January 2016 - Owl

Beaks, feathers, talons, oh my! Whooo, could it be? Owls of course! Glide on over to learn more about these mysterious night-time animals.

Dates: Class Time(s):  
Saturday, 1/09 9:30am 12pm
Tuesday, 1/12 9:30am 1pm
Wednesday, 1/13 9:30am 1pm
Thursday, 1/14 9:30am 1pm
Friday, 1/15 9:30am 1pm
Saturday, 1/16 9:30am 12pm
Saturday, 1/23 9:30am 12pm

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February 2016 - Otter

Slip...slide...rough and tumble...river otters at play! While survival is serious business, these sleek and sassy mammals always find the time to have some fun! Take a peek with us into the world of the river otter.

Dates: Class Time(s):  
Tuesday, 2/02 9:30am 1pm
Wednesday, 2/03 9:30am 1pm
Thursday, 2/04 9:30am 1pm
Friday, 2/05 9:30am 1pm
Saturday, 2/06 9:30am 12pm
Saturday, 2/13 9:30am 12pm
Saturday, 2/27 9:30am 12pm

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We strongly recommend you register online, as this provides the best chance at securing a session you desire. But if you prefer, you may also print out our mail-in registration form and mail them to the Zoo using the instructions provided on the form.