You Can Help The Zebras This Winter!

You Can Help The Zebras This Winter!

Image of zebra yard for 2012 Fall appeal for support
Your donation will help the zebras and wildebeests have a happier winter.

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Your contribution is important!

Important Improvements Are Needed


The Grant's zebras and Eastern white-bearded wildebeests are the first animals you see when you visit the Zoo.  And if you come at the right time of day, you can usually see them running around the yard!

Outdoor exercise is so important for any animal's health and happiness.  But when the cold New England weather strikes, standing water in the yard freezes and prevents the zebras and wildebeests from going outside.  The risk of them slipping on ice is just too great.  But you can help by making a tax-deductible donation today!

Your donation will fix the drainage issues in their yard and give the animals the outdoor excercise that they need.  We are counting on your support to make these improvements a reality for the animals this season. 

Please give today.

Samantha, Zipper and Tundra (the zebras) and Millie, Skittles and Spree (the wildebeests) will thank you!