Restaurants & Gift Shops

Restaurants & Gift Shops

The Discover the Wild Gift Shop is located in the historic Menagerie building.

Restaurants and gift shops are open daily from 10am to 4pm, October - March; 10am to 5pm, April - September. 

The Serengeti Market Cafe is closed for the season on September 29.
The RiverCamp Sweet Shop is closed for the season on November 3.
The Wilderness Cafe is open year round. 

About Our Restaurants

Our restaurants are operated by the world-class Boston Culinary Group.  Whenever possible, they choose locally farmed produce, and our hamburgers are made with all natural, vegetarian-fed, certified-humane 100% U.S. Angus beef. Wherever possible, the restaurants use bio-degradable paper and plastic products (the cutlery is made from potatoes!).   

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The RiverCamp Sweet Shop 
Located in the Jambo Junction, this shop will offer just what the name suggests - some delicious sweets and tasty treats!
(Closed November 3rd through April 1st)

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