Restaurants & Gift Shops

Restaurants & Gift Shops

The Discover the Wild Gift Shop is located in the historic Menagerie building.

Restaurants and gift shops are open daily from 10am to 4pm, October - March; 10am to 5pm, April - September 

About Our Restaurants

Our restaurants are operated by the world-class Boston Culinary Group.  Whenever possible, they choose locally farmed produce, and our hamburgers are made with all natural, vegetarian-fed, certified-humane 100% U.S. Angus beef. Wherever possible, the restaurants use bio-degradable paper and plastic products (the cutlery is made from potatoes!).   

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The RiverCamp Sweet Shop 
Located in the Jambo Junction, this shop will offer just what the name suggests - some delicious sweets and tasty treats – as well as the Moo-Bella machine which will make a custom dish of delicious ice cream.

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