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Recovery: Second Chance for Yankee Cottontails
Captive breeding has progressed to the point that New England cottontails are now being conditioned to the wild before release.

For the most part, the American public has yet to grasp what McDowell and Litvaitis understood from the start and what fish and game bureaucrats have learned since 1983 — that imperiled species need to be saved not because they are “cute,” not because they are “beautiful,” not because they are...

Roger Williams Park Zoo introduces Komodo Dragon
Only one in New England!

Dr. Jeremy Goodman, Executive Director at the Roger Williams Park Zoo, shared lots of fun facts about the Komodo Dragon includeing the fact that the species is more than four million years old.

Snake Island image killed Plan A for R.I. rattlers
The timber rattlesnake is disappearing. The last population in Rhode Island was seen in Tiverton 45 years ago.

Public opposition has scuttled a plan to introduce a new population of timber rattlesnakes, raised at Roger Williams Park Zoo, on Mt. Zion island in central Massachusetts’ Quabbin Reservoir. They will be released elsewhere in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

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Roger Williams Park Zoo Supports Heroic Emergency Rescue Plan to Save the Vaquita Porpoise
Roger Williams Park Zoo announces commitment to work in conjunction with the government of Mexico to save the vaquita porpoise
Working through the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), Roger Williams Park Zoo announced today their commitment to work in conjunction with the government of Mexico to save the vaquita porpoise - the world’s most endangered marine mammal. 
According to Dr. Jeremy...

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Explore the World with Roger Williams Park Zoo during “Party for the Planet”
RWP Zoo’s annual Earth Day celebration, provides family fun during Rhode Island’s April school vacation week.

Providence, R.I. – Every year, in honor of Earth Day, Roger Williams Park Zoo hosts Party for the Planet, a full week of fun for families to share. This year’s event will celebrate the importance of conservation and our environment, represented at the core of the mission at Roger Williams Park...

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Roger Williams Park Zoo Defies USDA
Posts Reports Online
In reaction to the February 3 ruling from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) announcing that the department removed animal welfare inspection reports, enforcement records and other information about the treatment of animals from its website, citing privacy and other laws, Roger...

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