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7 Tips for the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular
How to navigate one of the state's most popular fall activities.

What can you do with 5,000 pumpkins? You could bake a heck-of-a-lotta pies, or, if you’re the Roger Williams Zoo, you could show off thousands jack-o-lanterns for an entire month. Every October, the zoo presents the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular, which pulls in more than 100,000 visitors every year...

Camel that lived at RWP Zoo for more than 20 years has died
Gina, one of two camels housed at Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, has died.

It is with great sadness that #RWPZoo announces the passing of Gina, one of the dromedary camels, seen by visitors on Marco Polo’s Adventure trek...

Endangered beetles show signs of rebound on Nantucket
A species once seen as struggling to survive on Nantucket, is showing signs of rebounding.

 Last fall, the future of the American burying beetle on Nantucket looked bleak. “I thought we might have lost our population,” said Lou Perrotti, who has been working to preserve the beetle on the East Coast as the director of conservation programs at the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence...

It’s dirty work for no pay, but Zoo interns love it anyway
There is no typical workday for an animal-care intern at Roger Williams Park Zoo.

One minute you’re spraying perfume around the cheetah exhibit. The next, you’re carrying a sedated leopard in for his annual physical, says Joey Golden, a 24-year-old intern from Lincoln. Dozens of students apply for the five coveted internship positions at the zoo each semester, said Diane S....

RWP Zoo renames elephant yard, announces new partnership
It was all “trunks” on hand at Roger Williams Park Zoo Wednesday morning for the announcement of a new partnership between the zoo, and Ivory Ella.

Westerly-based Ivory Ella is an online clothing store which donates a portion of the proceeds of their elephant-patterned clothing to “Save the Elephants.” Roger Williams Park Zoo renamed their elephant yard the “Ivory Ella Elephant Yard” after the company pledged $200,000 towards supporting the...

Roger Williams Park Zoo treats giraffe's arthritis with acupuncture
Sukari is 24 years old and suffers from arthritis.

She goes through an acupuncture session lasting about 45 minutes and using 14 needles every other week...Zookeepers said they can already see that the process is having a big impact on how well she can move around.

Aging Providence giraffe receives acupuncture for arthritis
The Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, Rhode Island, is one of the first in the country to try acupuncture on a giraffe.

It is a known way to relieve pain in people, and now the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, Rhode Island, is one of the first in the country to try acupuncture on a giraffe.

Recovery: Second Chance for Yankee Cottontails
Captive breeding has progressed to the point that New England cottontails are now being conditioned to the wild before release.

For the most part, the American public has yet to grasp what McDowell and Litvaitis understood from the start and what fish and game bureaucrats have learned since 1983 — that imperiled species need to be saved not because they are “cute,” not because they are “beautiful,” not because they are...

Roger Williams Park Zoo introduces Komodo Dragon
Only one in New England!

Dr. Jeremy Goodman, Executive Director at the Roger Williams Park Zoo, shared lots of fun facts about the Komodo Dragon includeing the fact that the species is more than four million years old.

Snake Island image killed Plan A for R.I. rattlers
The timber rattlesnake is disappearing. The last population in Rhode Island was seen in Tiverton 45 years ago.

Public opposition has scuttled a plan to introduce a new population of timber rattlesnakes, raised at Roger Williams Park Zoo, on Mt. Zion island in central Massachusetts’ Quabbin Reservoir. They will be released elsewhere in Massachusetts and Connecticut.