Live Greener

Easy Tips to a Healthier You & Thriving Planet!

Get Involved and Live Greener

  • Join a cleanup in your area! For a complete list visit EcoRI or Save the Bay for more information.
  • Turn your lawn into a eco-yard. Try adding flowering plants or shrubs with berry-like fruit to attract bees, butterflies and birds.
  • Start a medicinal garden by growing calendula (used for cuts), thyme (make your next recipe extra flavorful) or lavender (for a relaxing nights sleep).
  • Set up a compost bin. Stop adding to landfills and instead turn your trash into fresh fertilizer you can use year-round. Whether it's leaf and yard waste, or food scraps - it is a great way to help the environment. Don't know where to start? Find useful tips or buy a compost bin from RI Resource Recovery.
  • Hit your step goals by taking daily walks around your neighborhood or local park. Your pup will also thank you for it!
  • Overwhelmed by paper junk mail? Sign up for Catalog Choice, conserve natural resources and start reducing your junk mail today.
  • As of May 2017, over 12,643 lbs of trash has been removed from the United States oceans and coastlines alone. This is thanks to the persistant efforts made by 4Ocean. Join the movement by participating in a cleanup or purchasing a bracelet to show your support. Together we can change the world!
  • Here at the Zoo, we don't offer straws with drink purchases or plastic bags with gift purchases. Use reusable bags and forgo the straws and other plastic items that end up our oceans. Together we can Punch Out Plastics!