Digital ZooCamp FAQ

Digital ZooCamp FAQ

In lieu of in-person camps, Roger Williams Park Zoo is excited to offer ZooCamp: Digital Adventures for ages 6-10! This is hybrid online/offline camp! Spend time with your camp counselors and fellow campers in live interactive sessions online with all of your favorite parts of ZooCamp! Crafts, snack, animals, games, songs and more! In your ZooCamp Adventure Box, you will find activities and games curated by the ZooCamp team to get you moving inside and out when we aren’t online! We may be able to offer summer experiences to other age groups, but those will be announced at a later date.

  We hope to create a summer experience for our Summer Tadpole Academy Campers and Conservation Heroes as well in the near future.

Digital Adventures (virtual ZooCamp) FAQs (Ages 6-10)
What is a ZooCamp Adventure Box?

A ZooCamp Adventure Box will have everything you need to participate in camp. First and foremost it will include your ZooCamp T-shirt, so you can feel like you are at camp from your own living room! The ZooCamp Adventure Box will also include most activity and craft materials that your camper will need during the live interactive sessions and the materials for Tuesday and Thursday. (It is assumed that things like crayons/colored pencils/markers, and tape or glue will be available at home) A ZooCamp Digital Adventures Field Guide will be included that will map out what provided materials are needed for each activity, what craft materials you will need to provide, and step by step instructions for self-guided activities. ZooCamp staff will follow proper sanitation procedures set by the RIDOH to ensure the boxes arrive to you safely. Your ZooCamp Adventure Box will be available one week prior to your camp experience OR you can choose to have your box shipped to you! 

What time is the live interactive session?

You can choose between a morning session and an afternoon session. ZooCamp Digital Adventures will be offered from 9 am -12 pm or 1 pm- 4pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You can either choose a program for the morning session or you can choose the afternoon session. You cannot choose to do both sessions nor a mix of AM and PM sessions within any one week. If you are signing up for a morning session, then only the morning session will be available to you for that week and vice versa.  

Can I sign up for more than one week?

Normally, our Summer Adventures program has a two week maximum registration. This year, you can sign up for FIVE WEEKS! We are offering five different themes this year. You can sign up for a maximum of one morning session or one afternoon session per theme! Five times we could see you this summer! 

How much is camp tuition?

The price for a week-long ZooCamp: Digital Adventures including digital behind the scene access, your ZooCamp shirt and a ZooCamp Adventure Box will vary depending on if you decide to ship your adventure box or pick it up at the zoo. For curbside pick-up it is $150 for non-members and $145 for zoo members. For ZooCamp with shipping it is $175 for non-members and $170 for zoo members. To receive a sibling discount of $5 please contact

I have not received my refund from the in-person camp cancellation, can you just transfer my registration?

Unfortunately, due to the change in price we are unable to transfer your registration to this new program. It also takes a week or more for the refund to show on your statement. We may have already refunded your camp program but it may not have appeared on your credit statement yet. We understand this is not ideal and we apologize that we cannot change this. 

Can I stay with my camper?

You are more than welcome to stay with your camper. The program is designed so the camper will not need parental support or guidance to complete activities and craft.

Is camp in session on holidays?

Yes, camp is in session on Monday, August 12th.

Can my child and their friend/sibling/relative be in the same group?

In order to ensure that all campers receive age-appropriate opportunities, campers are grouped by age. Special requests to pair relatives or friends in the same group may be made at time of registration, but we follow strict guidelines on age ranges and grade levels.

Please note on all registrations if your campers will be sharing a device.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

Cancellations with a full refund will be given up to three weeks prior to the scheduled start date. For example, cancellations for Camp on July 13th with a full refund will be given up to June 22nd.

What happens if I don’t get my Adventure Box?

If an Adventure box is not shipped or arrive in time for camp, please contact the ZooCamp Director by the Thursday before your camp to assist in acquiring an Adventure Box.

How many sessions can we sign up for?

Campers can sign up for one session of each theme for a total of five weeks for the entire summer.

Will my iPhone work to participate?

We recommend using a large tablet, laptop, or PC for the best Virtual ZooCamp experience. Anything smaller (e.g., a cellphone) may make it difficult to see, hear, and interact with your ZooCamp Counselors and other campers.

Can my camper participate without audio and video capabilities?

If you choose to participate without audio or video capabilities, your camp experience will be impacted. If your counselor is unable to see you or hear your camper, it will be hard to connect with your camper and ensure a successful ZooCamp experience. Contact us with special concerns or questions.

Why did you cancel your in-person camps?

We did not make this decision lightly as spending time with our ZooCamp families is the highlight of our summer. The restrictions put in place by state health care officials have limited our ability to fully engage campers in the same capacity as previous years.