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"A smile is happiness you'll find right under your nose." (Or trunk, or snout or beak!)

You know the importance of brushing, flossing and regular visits to the dentist keep your smile healthy. But good dental health is as important for animals as it is for you!

To continue providing quality dental care to our Zoo animals, we need to purchase a radiograph machine. And we need your help to do it! When you go to the dentist with a toothache, they often take 'x-rays' of your teeth. This is because a large part of your tooth is below the gum line and your dentist can't see it.


The same is true with the Zoo's snow leopards, zebra and red wolves. Only they can't tell us when something is wrong! Our veterinary department spends a lot of time helping to preserve healthy teeth and treating diseased teeth in the animals here at the Zoo. Using this radiograph machine, they will be able to identify early dental issues before they become bigger - and possibly life-threatening!

This unit is designed for teeth, but we can use it for other things as well! When we need to see inside our smallest patients (lizards, frogs, birds, etc.) the machine can provide high detail shots of the bones of even the smallest of creatures! Having this machine will give us the ability to diagnose health problems, but we can't do it without the generous support of people like YOU! Any gift will help us continue to give our animals the best care possible.

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