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Amid frigid conditions, zoo staff taking special care of warm-weather animals
As an arctic blast moves through the Northeast, Roger Williams Park Zoo is making sure its animals are comfortable for the rapidly changing weather conditions.

Diane Nahabedian, the zoo's director of public relations, said they have specific guidelines for each animal and what climates they should be kept in.

"If it's an animal like the red panda, the snow leopard, the moon bear, this is their weather, they would be out in this weather,"...

A Winter Visit to the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, Rhode Island
When temperatures drop, the cold-weather animals come out to play at Providence’s Roger Williams Park Zoo.

Close your eyes and picture your perfect day at the zoo. Well, actually, don’t close your eyes – keep them open so you can keep reading this article. But do take a minute to envision walking the outdoor paths, taking in all the exotic animals, learning about new species, and exploring different...

Feeding the Elephants at Roger Williams Park Zoo
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stick your whole hand in a vacuum cleaner? That’s what it feels like to feed an elephant.

Roger Williams Park Zoo’s three African elephants are happy, healthy and thriving.

I spent the afternoon with Lisa Ruggiero and Jennifer Warmbold, two elephant keepers at Roger Williams Park Zoo, along with Ginny, Alice and Kate, the three female African elephants that...

Record-Breaking Year for Raising, Releasing Rare Rabbits
More rare New England cottontails were raised at Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence and the Queens Zoo in New York City and released into the wild than ever before, according to conservation officials.

The success is a positive sign for populations of the region’s only native rabbit, which had declined precipitously in recent decades because of habitat loss, hunting, and competition with the introduced eastern cottontail.

Seventy-seven New England cottontails were raised and weaned at...


Roger Williams Park Zoo celebrates new rainforest exhibit
Roger Williams Park Zoo held a press conference Friday to celebrate the grand opening of their new rainforest exhibit.

The staff at the zoo cut a ribbon for its new "Faces of the Rainforest" section, which includes a 40-foot-high glass atrium where monkeys and tropical birds can co-mingle.

The exhibit also includes a waterfall and pool for Amazonian giant river otters.

There will be 44 species in...

Providence’s Roger Williams Park Zoo opens its showcase rainforest exhibit Friday
The Faces of the Rainforest exhibit is centered on a 40-foot-high, light-filled glass atrium in which monkeys and tropical birds will be free to mix with zoo patrons. Amazonian giant river otters play in a pool fed by a waterfall.

It has been said that there are no second acts in American lives, but the leaders of the Roger Williams Park Zoo hope that the opening of their Faces of the Rainforest exhibit will be just that.

Dr. Jeremy Goodman is hoping to exorcise ghosts from long before he became the zoo’s executive...

Roger Williams Park Zoo opens new rainforest exhibit
For those looking to escape the cold weather, Roger Williams Park Zoo opened its new rainforest exhibit Friday afternoon.

The exhibit, called "Faces of the Rainforest," has been four years in the making. Featured animals include indigenous monkeys, birds, amphibians and reptiles of the Amazon Rainforest.

Executive Director of Roger Williams Park Zoo Dr. Jeremy Goodwin said the new exhibit is part of a 20-...

Roger Williams Park Zoo opens "Faces in the Rainforest"
Mass Appeal went live just minutes before the opening of the Roger Williams Park Zoo's "Faces in the Rainforest" exhibit.
Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular offers four sensory-friendly shows
This season, Roger Williams Park Zoo is continuing its efforts to cater to those with sensory processing differences.

For those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), loud noises and crowded places can be overwhelming. This season, Roger Williams Park Zoo is continuing its efforts to cater to those with sensory processing differences.

The Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular offered ...

NBC 10 pays it forward to Roger Williams Park Zoo volunteer
Janet Keene has been volunteering her time at the Roger Williams Park Zoo for 10 years, and she loves it.

"It's just very satisfying when you know that you've in some little way made their visit to the zoo more enjoyable than it would have been otherwise," Janet said.

Janet is talking about students like a recent group from Meeting Street.

"She's telling us all about the snow leopards...