Monthly Zooper Hero Program

You can be a Zooper Hero!

Our members and donors are the Zoo’s superheros! They already make the Roger Williams Park Zoo the best community resource for environmental education and global conservation. And now you can become a Zooper Hero!

The Zooper Hero club allows you to make your contributions to the Zoo in small monthly payments. No more checks, no more stamps, no more hassle.

  As a Zooper Hero you help us meet unexpected or ongoing challenges like:   •  Because Riley the sloth needs sudden dental care   •  Because Gigi the new baby saki monkey needs her exhibit baby-proofed   •  Because the vaquita porpoises in the wild are going extinct at an extraordinarily quick rate and we need to act now

You will always be our superhero.  Now is the time to show off your superhero powers and become a Zooper Hero!

Become a Zooper Hero!