Zoobilee: Thank You to our 2015 Sponsors

Zoobilee: Thank You to our 2015 Sponsors

The crowd gathers to get the Zoobilee party started!
2015 Zoobilee Committee

Zoobilee Chair
Patrick Wholey
   -WPRI & Fox Providence

Zoobilee Committee Members
Nancy J. Allen
Sara Beatrice
Kimberly Benevides
Cynthia Cabana
Douglas Caniglia
Katie Ciszewski
Michael Colabella
Bob Conrad
Erica Croce
Jacqueline Daly
Brooke Fairman
Robert Falcone
Sarah Garcia
Jennifer Foster
Jeremy Goodman
Elizabeth Grover
Kathy Haronian
Mark Haskins
Susan Johnson
Debra LeClerc
Patrick LeBeau
Byron L. McMasters
Dave Oberlander
Nicole Potito
Andrea Rollin
Betsy Santarlasci
Mary Searle


THANK YOU to our generous sponsors and committee members who help to make Zoobilee! Feast with the Beasts not only possible, but a wild fundraising success!


Interested in becoming a Zoobilee "Party Animal"? 

Do you want early entry Zoobilee tickets? Click here to view our sponsorship opportunities! You can also call (401) 941-3910 ext. 210 or e-mail zoobilee@rwpzoo.org for more information about how you can sponsor this wild event!


2015 Sponsors         

Elephant Entourage ($15,000)


Douglas Wine & Spirits

Falcone Design

Leopard League ($10,000)

Janci Foundation

Bison Brigade ($5,000)

Sophie F. Danforth

Kangaroo Crew ($2,500)

Susan Aguiar
B. Street Foundation
Bank of America
Chicago Title Insurance Company - National Services Seattle
Dimeo Construction Company
Fiona's Family & Friends
Jonathan and Judy Nelson
Pawtucket Credit Union
Santander Bank
Washington Trust Company

Gibbon Gang ($1,000)

A.B. Munroe Dairy, Inc.
Massage Envy Spa
Frank & Liz Mauran
Jane S. Nelson
Phenix & Coventry Home Care
David L. Renaud, DDS

Porcupine Posse ($500)

Gilbane Building Company
Dr. Jeremy & Marina Goodman
New England Fence
Twin River Casino