Animals at Roger Williams Park Zoo granted unique opportunities while zoo is closed

"Everybody misses everybody especially in this beautiful weather they miss seeing the kids," said Diana Nahabedian, the media relations spokesperson for the Roger Williams Park Zoo.

Since being forced to close because of the coronavirus, the staff has gone above and beyond to make animals feel at ease.

"I can't speak for each individual animal but I think some of them just know there's nobody around, so I think they're missing some of the normal activity they would normally have at this time of the year," said Nahabedian.

Like us, life for animals still goes on. There have been new births and animal birthday's celebrated.

Some have benefited from tasty treats; the sloths have been given story time.

"The keepers are spending a lot more time with the animals because they're not interacting with the public like they normally would when the zoo is open," said Nahabedian. "The animals seem to love it, everyday there is something new on Facebook or Instagram so you can see what's going on in the zoo."

Armadillos have been let out to play in puddles.

Animals have been brought out to see other animals.

Staff also allowed the Easter Bunny to pay a visit to animals during the holiday, and an employee brought in his guitar to play for the elephants.

"He's so good he did that for both the public and the animals and you can see the elephant enjoying it," said Nahabedian.

Roger Williams Zoo is also offering up "Zoo School."

Every Tuesday and Thursday, the staff uses Facebook to educate the public about an animal or insect.

One of the caretakers speaks for about 5-7 minutes, anyone can watch.

"I keep teasing that we're the home school relief program for those few minutes or the Zoo mobile, but I think for the kids it's fun to see the animals they know at the zoo," said Nahabedian. "I know everybody at the zoo will be thrilled to have the public come back and we're looking forward to when we can set a date open and see everybody again."



Tuesday, May 5, 2020


Gates at the Roger Williams Park Zoo may be closed to the public but inside, the animals go about their business and same goes for their caretakers and operational staff.