Frog, Yellow-Banded Poison Dart

Frog, Yellow-Banded Poison Dart

Dendrobates leucomelas

Vital Statistics


1.2 - 1.5 inches


0.1 ounce


Ants, but also termites, tiny beetles, crickets, and other small insects and spiders.


Status: Least Concern

Geographic Region

Brazil, Colombia, Guyana, Venezuela.

At The Zoo

Faces of the Rainforest

Did You Know?

If an adult frog approaches a plant that is already occupied, the tadpole will produce a warning signal by aiming its head at the center of the plant, holding itself rigid, and rapidly vibrating its tail. If an tadpole-carrying parent ignores this signal and accidentally deposits another tadpole in the same bromelid sanctuary, the original tadpole will eat it.