Gibbon, White-Cheeked

Gibbon, White-Cheeked

Hylobates leucogenys

Vital Statistics


1 - 2 feet


12 - 20 lbs


Fruit, leaves, small invertebrates and insects


Status: Endangered

Geographic Region

Rainforest canopy of southeast Asia, including Laos, Vietnam and south China

At The Zoo

World of Adaptations

Did You Know?

Adult males are black and adult females are beige. Young gibbons change color based on their age. Infants are born beige and spend their 1st year with their mother. Around their first birthday they change to black coloring and spend most of their 2nd year with father. At sexual maturity females turn back to beige and males remain black. Singing together strengthens their bond and advertises their territory to other gibbon groups.