Connochaetes taurinus albojubatus

Vital Statistics


Male: 4 - 5 ft; Female 3 - 5 ft at the shoulder


Male: 400 - 600 lbs; Female 300 - 360 lbs


Herbivore chow and Timothy hay


Status: Least Concern

Geographic Region

Open and wooded grasslands from Kenya to South Africa

At The Zoo

Fabric of Africa

Did You Know?

Starting in May, wildebeests begin a mass migration that lasts eight months. It is the single largest migration of wildlife in the world. Migrations may contain as many as one million wildebeests and up to half a million plains zebra and Thomson’s gazelles traveling with them. This migration takes the form of long columns, stretching thousands of miles. Visitors and natives say the ground trembles under their stampeding hooves.