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Is there a Doctor in the Zoo?
Taking a trip to the vet with a two-toed sloth at Roger Williams Park Zoo

By Robert Isenberg

Riley needs a check-up. The medical exam is routine, but two-toed sloths can be a handful. “They’re faster than you think,” says his zookeeper, Jen Hennessey, who has worked with animals for the Roger Williams...

Rainforest Exhibit 2018 - Conducting Conversations
It's creation, hours of operation, and how much fun it is for the entire family.

This week we feature The Roger Williams Park Zoo brand new Rainforest exhibit. We talk to Diane Nahabedian, Director of Marketing, P. J. Jones, and Shareen Knowlton, Director of Education. We'll talk about it's creation, hours of operation, and how much fun it is for the entire family. 

Push to Weaken U.S. Endangered Species Act Runs into Roadblocks
Policymakers have tried, unsuccessfully, to change this law for decades

America’s Endangered Species Act—which protects more than 2,000 plant, animal and insect species at risk of extinction—is under renewed attack from Republican politicians. But policy experts say that their efforts face an uphill battle, even though Republicans control the White House and both...

RI's Official State Insect Dodges Losing Its Federal Protections For Endangered Species
The House made a sneaky move to try to roll back federal protections for the beetle.

After an effort by Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives to remove Rhode Island’s official state insect, the American burying beetle, from the endangered species list, federal lawmakers Monday decided to throw the provision out. 

A Republican from Utah introduced an ...

Beetlemania on Nantucket
Scientists work to bolster reintroduced endangered beetle population on the island

NANTUCKET — Lou Perrotti stands up for the members of the animal kingdom that humans tend to forget.

As the director of conservation programs at the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, he’s a champion of the not-so-cute and fluffy.

And one of his favorite critters is the...

Fairman Says Roger Williams Park Zoo’s Zoobilee is “One of Best Nights of the Year”
The zoo’s largest and wildest annual fundraiser

For nearly 30 years, Roger Williams Park Zoo has closed early one day per year for Zoobilee, Feast with the Beasts.

The event, which is the zoo’s largest annual fundraiser, is a fun-filled night of music, dancing, and food, all while...

Roger Williams Park Zoo prepares for new rainforest exhibit
Roger Williams Park Zoo offers you the opportunity to learn more about this cute little creature.

Many of us may not be familiar with or even heard of a Kinkajou, as they are not indigenous to this area, but now Roger Williams Park Zoo offers you the opportunity to learn more about this cute little creature.

Dr. Jeremy Goodman and Jennifer Hennessey, animal keeper at Tropical America...

Roger Williams Park Zoo takes steps to be more inclusive
Committed to maintaining diversity at the zoo by announcing a new partnership with KultureCity.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) -- Roger Williams Park Zoo says it's committed to maintaining diversity at the zoo by announcing a new partnership with KultureCity.

The group out of Birmingham, Alabama works to accommodate those...

Q&A: Tree kangaroos, hornbills and otters, oh my!
Cleaning and caring for giraffes, elephants, tree kangaroos and river otters, among many other species, is never boring.

CHRISTINE GOODROW Zookeeper, Roger Williams Park Zoo

“A lot of cleaning, and then some more cleaning.” That’s how Christine Goodrow describes her job as a zookeeper at Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence. But cleaning and caring for giraffes, elephants, tree kangaroos and river otters,...

Recovery: Transition of the Zoo from Jail to Ark
AZA holds members to the highest standards of animal welfare, husbandry and veterinary care.

“Tragically,” laments Freedom for Animals, “birds in zoos are prevented from flight… They have the ends of their wings chopped off.”

“Zoos have had little to no success with captive breeding programs,” proclaims One Green Planet.

Such zoo bashers seem stuck in the distant past and...