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Say Hello to the Baby Sloth Stealing Hearts Across Rhode Island
How the birth of a slow-moving mammal stopped Rhode Islanders in their tracks

Think about Roger Williams Park Zoo and your mind will likely conjure images of wild beasts: a fierce cheetah, a graceful giraffe, a hairy tarantula, a two-toed sloth. Okay, that last one maybe not so much. After...

A Deadly Rabbit Virus Spreads in the U.S.
Rabbit hemorrhagic disease threatens both pet rabbits and wild rabbits alike—including sensitive native populations such as the endangered New England cottontail rabbit.

An emerging virus threatens both wild and pet rabbits in the United States. The fatal virus—which causes an Ebola-like disease called rabbit hemorrhagic disease—already has been reported in the western and...

Baby sloth welcomed after hard birth at Providence zoo
An adorable baby sloth has arrived in the world to bring some much-needed joy.

The new member of the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, Rhode Island, was born May 13 after a difficult labor, according to an announcement on the zoo’s Facebook page shared May 18. However...

Rhode Island Zoo Welcomes Baby Two-Toed Sloth After Difficult Delivery
Mom Fiona and her baby "needed emergency care and a lot of extra help" during the birth

Hang in there! A Rhode Island zoo has some very exciting sloth news that is sure to brighten your day.

On Monday, Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence announced the birth of a baby Linne's two-toed sloth, born to parents Fiona and Welsey on May 13.

"This is such thrilling news,"...

Animals at Roger Williams Park Zoo granted unique opportunities while zoo is closed
Gates at the Roger Williams Park Zoo may be closed to the public but inside, the animals go about their business and same goes for their caretakers and operational staff.

"Everybody misses everybody especially in this beautiful weather they miss seeing the kids," said Diana Nahabedian, the media relations spokesperson for the Roger Williams Park Zoo.

Since being forced to close because of the ...

And baby makes four tamarins at Roger Williams Park Zoo
the zoo’s second endangered golden lion tamarin, was born Friday. The first, Angus, was born Dec. 13, 2019, to a tamarin couple that met online, father Kyle and mother Raff, (pronounced Rafe) in the Saving Animals from Extinction program.

Tamarins are squirrel-size monkeys with a golden ruff that resembles the mane of a lion.

The tamarin family lives in Faces of the Rainforest, an exhibit at the zoo that looks and feels to them like an open rainforest.

Nahabedian calls the habitat “a wonderful place for animals,”...

At Roger Williams Park Zoo, a lesson in frog-speak
FrogWatch USA, trains citizen scientists in how to identify certain frog calls

Hope Joyal doesn’t have a favorite species of frog per se, but there’s one, whose name escapes her, that she really likes because of the squeaking sound it makes when it’s mad.

“It’s glorious,” said the 12-year-old, who was sitting next to her mother on Sunday at a citizen science class...

Artie Goes to Zoo School
Artie was on the road yet again and this time he went back to school! Kinda.

He technically went to the School at Roger Williams Zoo, but nonetheless Mr. Tefft mingled with the students, did some ready, ran into a peacock, and followed all the rules!

Well done Artie, you get an A+ for the day.



My Turn: Jeremy Goodman: The gutsy woman who transformed our zoo
We are grateful to the Danforth family for directing contributions in her memory to the zoo in order continue her mission of saving our endangered natural world.

During the last few years, I was honored to have some great conversations with Sophie Danforth about the early days of the Rhode Island Zoological Society. Mrs. Danforth, who died on Nov. 15, was straightforward, modest and painfully honest. As described in her obituary, she was “formidable and...

It's A Girl: RWP Zoo Names Baby Anteater 'Demo'
"Demo" is a combination of her parents' names: Delilah and Mochilla.

The newest addition Roger Williams Park Zoo animal family officially has a name. On Wednesday, the zoo announced that the baby anteater born two months ago is a girl, named Demo.

"Demo" is a combination of her parents' names: Delilah and Mochilla. She was ...