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Zoo scores binturong success by saving Thistle from siblings
The scratches on Matt Fugate’s arms show how the three baby binturongs at Roger Williams Park Zoo got their names: Nettle, Bramble and Thistle.

“They have strong claws,” he said. “They like to climb.”

Now about three months old, the baby bints have scored three successes already. They’re the zoo’s first binturong litter, born March 8. The smallest, Thistle, was being pushed aside by the other two, who hogged the food and warmth...

Federal and State Wildlife Agencies Release New England Cottontails on Island Refuge
As part of an ongoing conservation effort to restore the rare New England cottontail rabbit to New England and eastern New York...

...the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service), along with partners, released 13 wild-caught New England cottontails on Tuesday on Nomans Land Island National Wildlife Refuge, an island off Martha’s Vineyard...

A forbidding island off Martha’s Vineyard, once a bombing site, is now a bunny refuge
The 38-foot aluminum catamaran sliced across a light chop on Vineyard Sound, headed for a sandy brown strip of land with a foreboding name and a treacherous past.

Closed to the public, Nomans Land, 3 miles southwest of Martha’s Vineyard, is littered with unexploded bombs and rockets from its years as a naval bombing site.

This week, the federal government was delivering a payload of a gentler sort: 13 cinnamon-colored New England cottontail rabbits...

Status change proposed for endangered American burying beetle
Local scientists skeptical over downgrading American burying beetle.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed to downgrade the status of the American burying beetle from endangered to threatened, but local scientists say climate change is putting the species even more at risk.

Under the Endangered Species Act, the status change would loosen...

Beetles get by with a little help from their friends
Conserving the Nature of the Northeast

In 1994, Lou Perrotti was asked to take on an urgent new assignment at work. It’s unlikely he imagined it would result in monthly handwritten notes from Jane Goodall and a larger-than-life beetle tattoo on his right forearm. It wouldn’t have mattered.


“When the Service approached...

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to Release New England Cottontails on Island Refuge
Nomans Land Island National Wildlife Refuge will soon become home to the New England cottontail rabbit as part of an ongoing conservation effort to restore this rare species to New England and eastern New York.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service), in collaboration with the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife (MassWildlife), Roger Williams Park Zoo, Bristol County Agricultural High School (Bristol Aggie), and the University of Rhode Island (URI), is planning to release rabbits in...

Roger Williams Park Zoo ready to Party for the Planet
Celebrate our world at Party for the Planet at Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, April 16 and 17.

This year's event will highlight the Zoo's conservation and animal care while also giving guests the opportunity to join the zoo in engaging experiences that empower everyone to help conserve wildlife and wild places. The rain date is April 18.

Party for the Planet will include the...

Can a zoo boost the economy?
The nation’s third-oldest zoo has grand expansion plans. Can it raise the $60 million needed to get there?


Adults and kids stare, almost unblinking, at the sleek bodies of giant river otters gliding dreamily in figure eights through their tank. The human faces…

Providence's New, Conservation-Minded Rainforest Exhibit Brings The Amazon To New England
It's quite a thing to come face to face with a two-toed sloth, especially when you're the one disturbing him in his home.

But, even if he were inclined to reach out to you, you think to yourself, he'd do it so slowly that you've have plenty of time to duck.

Depending on what metric you use, Roger Williams Park Zoo in...

Welcome to the Jungle
A brand-new rainforest exhibit at Roger Williams Zoo showcases tropical wildlife – and kicks off a 20-year Master Plan

The first thing you feel is heat. Step through the great wooden doors, and your skin turns warm and clammy. Glasses fog up. Winter coats feel heavy. Here, the 80-degree air contrasts starkly with Rhode Island winter. As you strip away gloves and wool cap, the rainforest emerges...