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    Your support provides world-class exhibits, state-of-the-art animal care, environmental education, and significant contributions to help us save wildlife and wild places.

  • Learn About Our Conservation Impact

    Home to local and international award-winning conservation and environmental education programs—your support helps the Zoo grow and improve. See how your contribution is making a difference locally and globally through the Zoo’s conservation initiatives.

More Ways To Get Involved

Become an Earth Agent

Does your family want to save wild animals and wild places? Become an Earth Agent and help Roger Williams Park Zoo inspire your neighbors to make the world a better place for animals and their habitats.

Become a FrogWatcher

Help save frogs! Learn how to tell frog species apart by their calls and how to report findings to FrogWatch USA. Become a citizen scientist with FrogWatch USA today.

Travel with RWPZ

Travel with us! For your safari, discover spectacular national parks and conservation areas that manifest the great diversity of wildlife and habitat found in Kenya.


Connect with your favorite Roger Williams Park Zoo animal through our fun symbolic adopt program!

Animal Enrichment Wish List

Provide needed enrichment to our animals by donating an item from our Wish List. Enrichment allows animals to engage in natural behaviors and provides physical and mental stimulation.

Cellphone Recycling

Help protect gorilla habitats by recycling your used electronics at the zoo or one of our partner library locations.

Take Action at Home

Implementing green practices into your life can help reduce waste, conserve natural resources, and protect ecosystems and biodiversity.

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