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Military Macaws (Ara militaris) are a large species of parrot native to Mexico and South America and are currently listed as ‘vulnerable’ on the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources) Red List. Their colorful appearance, unique personality, and intelligence make them an awe-inspiring animal to be around.  

Under Human Care:

There are many macaws across the U.S. living in homes as pets, these intelligent birds require a great deal of time, space, patience, and care. Macaws have a life expectancy over 50 years old, often outliving their owners.

In AZA accredited facilities there are macaws hatched as part of their SSP (Species Survival Program), aiding in having a genetically healthy population. These populations have the potential to be released into their native habitats to help with declining species numbers.   

At the Zoo:

Roger Williams Park Zoo is home to two different species of macaws: hyacinth macaws and military macaws. The hyacinth macaws can be seen in the Zoo’s Faces of the Rainforest building, while the military macaws are ambassador animals that partake in educational programming.

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