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Babyrousa celebensis

Geographic Region: swamp forests of Indonesia

Did You Know? Babirusas are the fastest members of the pig family; running at speeds that can match a deer.



Length: 3 ft.

Weight: 95 – 230 lbs.

Zoo Diet:

grain, squash, yams, romaine lettuce, carrots, green peppers, green beans, dandelion greens, apples, bananas



World of Adaptations

Exhibit information

Come explore a World of Adaptations! Animals face numerous challenges in the natural world such as finding shelter and enough food, avoiding predators, and finding mates. However, they have developed adaptations that increase their chances of survival. Adaptations can be physical; the tail of the wallaby helps it balance and change direction as it hops. Adaptations can also be behavioral; gibbons vocalize in the morning to announce their presence to other animals in the area. They can also be a combination of things such as a Komodo dragon’s impressive teeth, sharp claws, and deadly venom. Come and explore a World of Adaptations and see and hear the adaptations of these fascinating creatures including Elsie, the only Komodo dragon at any zoo in New England.

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