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Critically Endangered Red Wolf Pup Receives First Health Exam

(Updated February 6)

Red Wolf pup exam - pup receiving medicine.

PROVIDENCE, RI (June 29, 2022) Roger Williams Park Zoo’s rare red wolf pup, newly named Saluda, received her first routine medical exam. At nearly two months old, this was her first-time meeting vet and animal care staff as a part of a brief and minimally invasive wellness check. Associate veterinarian Dr. Jessica Lovstad evaluated overall health, checking heart, lungs, mobility and her physical appearance. The pup received a microchip, vaccination for leptospirosis and one combo vaccine that includes canine distemper, adenovirus, parvovirus, and parainfluenza. She will get her rabies vaccine when she is a bit older.

At 9.04 lbs the pup is steadily gaining weight, right on track for her stage in development. Dr. Lovstad gave the pup a clean bill of health and she was returned to her habitat immediately following the exam. These wellness assessments are a major part of the Zoo’s preventative health program which allows veterinary staff to address any potential health concerns early on.

Today the young pup is actively exploring her environment as she continues to gain confidence and build essential skills. Zoo visitors may catch a glimpse of her playing with mom and dad in between naps, on their next visit. We are grateful we get to watch her grow and become even more playful over the summer!

This critically endangered red wolf pup is vital to the survival of the species. As the world’s most endangered canid, Roger Williams Park Zoo is proud to play a role in the collaborative conservation and breeding efforts for the Red Wolf Species Survival Plan®.

Roger Williams Park Zoo is Rhode Island’s number one outdoor family and tourist attraction, and a leader in conservation efforts undertaken by a zoo of its size. As leaders in conservation and animal care – we create engaging experiences that empower guests to join us in conserving wildlife and wild places. Roger Williams Park Zoo is supported and managed by the Rhode Island Zoological Society and is owned by the City of Providence.


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