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Magnificent Dragons and Mythical Marvels at Roger Williams Park Zoo

(Updated February 6)

animatronic red dragon in the woods

PROVIDENCE, RI (Feb. 2024) Dragons, mermaids, Loch Ness monster, griffins and unicorns… were they real or imagined? Guests can visit the Dragons & Mythical Creatures exhibit at the Roger Williams Park Zoo and decide for themselves.

Opening April 7th and running through August 11th, visitors to the Zoo will embark on a mythical journey where folklore meets reality as they encounter 60 life-size dragons and other creatures that exist somewhere between science and imagination. They will immerse themselves in the excitement of witnessing these animatronic mythical creatures in action—watching as these beasts move, roar, and even breathe smoke.

Legends of dragons and other creatures are ubiquitous globally, spanning historical and contemporary periods. These mythical creatures serve as symbols, highlighting the shared elements and diverse and distinct expressions within global cultures.

From fire-breathing beasts of destruction in Western myths to the majestic symbols of fortune and harmony in Chinese legends, dragons offer a fascinating glimpse into the diversity of cultural interpretations. Tales of mermaids weaves through diverse cultures globally, ranging from coastal communities in Ireland to the Karoo desert in South Africa. Or take the Kraken, rooted in Scandinavian folklore and portrayed as a menacing cephalopod capable of destroying ships and dragging sailors to their doom—this is a prevalent theme in seafaring myths worldwide.

Dragons & Mythical Creatures is more than just an exhibit; it’s a passport to imagination. So, gather your courage, spark your curiosity, and prepare to be amazed; this exhibit will leave you feeling like a true adventurer.

A separate ticket is required for the Dragons & Mythical Creatures experience, it is not included with Zoo admission and can be purchased online. Ride tickets will be available at the Zoo and do not need to be purchased in advance.

Other Special Summer Events (dates subject to change)

Interactive bird show – April 13 through Labor Day

  • Birds take flight at the Zoo this year as they display their natural behaviors and abilities during daily shows. Guests can get an up-close look at falcons, cranes, owls and more as they fly, call and mimic their interpreter —along with some surprise encounters that make this a don’t miss treat (weather dependent)

Dragons at Dusk Family Nights – June 8, August 10

  • Families can journey back in time and enjoy an evening at the Zoo from 5-9 pm.

Sip & Stroll (21+) May 9 and July 18

  • At this adults-only event, there will be live music and zoo-themed cocktails and food available for purchase. Experience the zoo after hours, all without the kids from 5-9 pm.

Dragons Sensory Mornings – April 28, May 19, June 16, July 7

  • Special sensory-friendly mornings an hour before the trail opens to the public: designed for those with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and sensory processing differences and their families from 8-9 am. (Zoo will open at 9 am)

Roger Williams Park Zoo is Rhode Island’s number one outdoor family and tourist attraction, and a leader in conservation efforts undertaken by a zoo of its size. As leaders in conservation and animal care – we create engaging experiences that empower guests to join us in conserving wildlife and wild places. Roger Williams Park Zoo is supported and managed by the Rhode Island Zoological Society and is owned by the City of Providence.


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