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RI Zoo Announces ‘Fiona’ the Sloth Is Pregnant, Expecting in 2020
Fiona and Wesley the sloths are due to have their baby next spring

The Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, Rhode Island, is buzzing with excitement after announcing one of its sloths is expecting a little one.

Fiona the sloth and her partner Wesley are due to have a baby next year, according to the zoo. It made the exciting announcement Sunday, which...

Behind the Scenes: Pumpkin carvers gearing up for start of Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular
Artists have been working around the clock to get the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular ready for this week’s season opener.

The nationally known event featuring meticulously carved pumpkins is set to make its annual return to Roger Williams Park Zoo Thursday.

Getting the event ready is no small feat.

The work for the fall fest usually starts in January, first having master carver John Reckner come up...

Zoos in the time of climate change, with Roger Williams Park Zoo
Host Llewellyn King and Co-host Linda Gasparello discuss zoos in the time of climate change with Lou Perrotti and Andrea Stein of the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Rhode Island.
An international day in honor of the Red Panda at RWP Zoo
International Red Panda Day is September 21, 2019!

The red panda has been classified as Endangered by the International Union of Conservation of Nature because it’s wild population is estimated at less than 10,000 mature individuals, and continues to decline due to habitat loss and fragmentation, and poaching.

We spoke with RWP Zoo’s Dr...

Unlikely discovery leads to rescue mission for endangered toads
For years, the only known breeding colony of eastern spadefoot toads in Rhode Island was in the Scudder Preserve, a wooded expanse tucked away in rural Richmond.

A biologist happens to hear the mating calls of rare spadefoot toads outside her office in late July, and the Great Toadlift of 2019 begins; on Saturday night, the effort would end in the release of 200 rescued and nurtured toadlets in Charlestown.

For years, the only known breeding...

Reed rejects proposed changes to wildlife protections
U.S. Sen. Jack Reed, D-R.I., on Friday denounced efforts by President Donald Trump’s administration to roll back key components of the Endangered Species Act.

Earlier this week, the Trump administration proposed new rules that would make it easier to remove species from the endangered list, allow regulators to conduct economic assessments when deciding whether a species warrants protection and make it more difficult for regulators to factor in the...

Conservation officials push back against changes to Endangered Species Act
Increases in transparency, effectiveness and administrative modernization of the Endangered Species Act are at the heart of revisions to the 45-year-old law announced Monday, two key members of the Trump administration have asserted.

But local conservationists have expressed a sense of dismay.

“There’s nothing wrong with the Endangered Species Act,” said Lou Perrotti, who since 1994 has headed a conservation effort on Nantucket to encourage a population of the American burying beetle. “It’s not broken. It doesn’t need...

Roger Williams Park Zoo celebrates ‘World Elephant Day’!
World Elephant Day is August 12th and we are heading to Roger Williams Park Zoo to celebrate! Brendan joins executive director, Dr. Jeremy Goodman, to learn more about the festivities and how we can help the conservation of elephants.
The Ghosts of Gone Birds Haunts an Odd and Endangered Beetle
After centuries of losing countless birds and other small animals, a spiral of ecological consequences has taken its toll on American burying beetles.

This story isn’t about a bird; it’s about a hole that a bird once filled.

On a Monday in late June, as the Massachusetts resort island of Nantucket abounds with vacationers who use the word “summer” as a verb, a small team plants dead quails in about two dozen man-made holes on a grassy...

Celebrating National Zoo Keeper Week at RWP Zoo
Every third week of July is National Zoo Keepers week.

Every third week of July is National Zoo Keepers week.

The week is meant to acknowledge and celebrate all of the professionals who care for animals at zoos.

We spoke with Laura Isaacs, a zoo keeper at Roger Williams Park Zoo for the past eleven years.

She cares for many...