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Nature Swap & Nature Play

A child holding a magnifying glass looking for bugs in the grass.

The Nature Swap, located within the Hasbro’s “Our Big Backyard” exhibit, is a special place to trade items that you’ve collected when out exploring in nature.  To participate in Nature Swap, bring in natural “found” items to collect points for swapping with items in our collection. You can trade things commonly found in nature like shells, rocks, acorns, leaves, or pine cones.

Open daily – Just look for one of our Zoo crew in blue to participate!

Participate in Nature Swap

Nature Play Resources

What is Nature Play

It is experiencing, exploring, and connecting with the natural world through play activities.  Nature Play builds connections between children and nature and strengthens family and social bonds between children and their adults. 

Why is Nature Play important? 

Children who play in nature, guided by a caring and trusted adult, are more likely to grow up and stay connected with wildlife and wild spaces.  Early positive experiences with the natural world help create and strengthen life-long bonds between people and places.  It also helps engage multiple senses, supports curiosity and creativity, and trying new things, which are all critically important for children’s cognitive, social, and emotional development.

Click the button below for ideas, activities and resources to help you engage your children in Nature Play at home, throughout the year! 

Downloadable Nature Play Activities & Resources

Please note: Supervision required; participation encouraged!

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