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Raven, Common

Corvus corax

Geographic Region: most of northern hemisphere

Isn’t it Wild? Ravens are among the smartest of all birds, gaining a reputation for solving complicated problems invented by scientists.



Height: 24 – 26 in.

Weight: 2.3 lbs.

Zoo Diet

dry dog food, feline diet meat, pinkies, mealworms, corn, cantaloupe, bananas

Conservation Status

Least Concern

Hasbro's Big Backyard

Exhibit information

Come play in Our Big Backyard! Hasbro’s Our Big Backyard is a fully accessible nature play and exploration area for all children and their families. The Our House area features an indoor activity space and Nature Swap, a special place to trade items that you’ve collected when out exploring in nature. The exhibit area is staffed by specially trained Play Partner volunteers to help you make the most of the Drip Drop Water Garden, Sticks & Stones Building Zone, and Creativity Corner. You can play giant musical instruments, guide a boat down a waterfall, or just relax in a hammock. Check out Beyond the Fence Naturescape where you can build forts, climb, swing on ropes, and get down in the dirt. Then make your way to the CVS Health All Kids Can Treehouse with even more things to explore – a giant color wheel, telescopes, a viewing beehive, and much more. Come play and explore as a family in Roger Williams Park Zoo’s own immersive nature play space.

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